Efficiency of Diets and Workouts for Weight Loss

Struggles against excessive weight are not so easy, they require a huge will and a great amount of inner power. Usually doctors recommend people with excess weight to try to change their life by combining an appropriate food plan with regular workouts, because diets and sport are two the most successful ways of an effective healthy weight loss. But losing weight with regular hard workouts is almost ineffective without a nutrition plan. They should be always combined to reach a healthy lean body as a result.

What To Start With?

The main rule of losing extra fat says, that the proper food plan is an 80% of a result in a struggle against excess pounds, and the last 20% are just workouts. Of course, it is impossible to build muscles and to reach a fit body with six pack abs with just a healthy food and completely without any exercises. But extra fat in the body will prevent from showing off the muscles. So, the first thing to do at the very beginning of losing excess weight is developing an appropriate food plan. But it is very essential thing to remember, that diets and food plans are not about limits or taboos. It is even possible to eat junk food sometimes and to stay healthy and fit. There are tips of developing a comprehensive and efficient food plan below.

How To Develop A Food Plan?

One of the best ways of planning healthy eating is counting calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This method makes a diet plan as balanced as it is possible. There is a huge amount of online services that automatically calculate an appropriate number of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and calories according to an input data: weight, height, age, lifestyle and number of workouts.

Important Things To Consider:

  • Do not eat LESS than the recommended calculated amount of calories. The eating should be nutritious to help a body to burn energy from losing fat, but not from losing muscle tissue. Eating less than 1200 calories is a direct way to kill metabolism.
  • Do not eat MORE than calculated number of calories. Regular consumption of more calories than it is needed during the day even with regular workouts will lead to gaining some excess weight, definitely not to losing it.
  • Do not forget about proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is especially important to eat enough protein between workouts to build muscle tissue, and also to eat enough fats and carbohydrates to keep body healthy.
  • Forget about mono, hungry and carbohydrate-free diets. They have nothing in common with healthy nutrition plan and normal weight loss. They have very harmful effect on the body and health.

So, if you want to lose extra body fat and to keep your health, just remember some tips: develop a nutrition plan, calculate a proper number of fats, calories, carbohydrate and protein, and combine it with regular workouts.  

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