Guard Your Own Credit Card with Security Properties

The amount of credit card user is growing day by day. The card holders prefer to make payments through credit card. The truth is they find it more suitable to payment. The majority of the retailers, even the little grocery shopkeepers have set up swap machines. This is for all retailers and shopkeepers that they need to check the signature. As a result of long queues in the billing counters the majority of the retailers overlook signature verification whilst accepting credit card payments notwithstanding the importance of this issue.

For the fake trade process the retailer is liable. If the Signature on the charge slip does not match with yours then the retailer is at the reduction and you get your money back.  It is much better to keep a photocopy of your credit card using your signature it will be great for you in the event of disputed transactions for which banks have mended 60 days time interval. The majority of the cards issuing banks have put disputed forms either online or at the branches.

The Majority of the people do online transactions which require just the card number, validity date and 3-digit CVV number printed on the reverses of the card. This 3- digit CVV number ought to be kept confidential to prevent card misuse. Now a day’s most of the websites have taken safety measures like they have set up a Verified by VISA program or a MasterCard Secure Code program. This is a two-level authentication procedure which validates an online transaction.

Even when we give credit card to the retailers for payments a care should be taken.  It is better the CVV number ought to be scraped or masked with ink to prevent abuse. But remember a CVV cannot be regenerated like a PIN, so make certain you remember it or else you have got to apply for a new card entirely.

During online transaction after entering the card number and the CVV Number, the website asks for a web pin, which will be provide by the banks on request with prtship. However it is possible to complete the transaction by merely filling your arrival date, it is best you should request for another pin to guarantee a secured transaction.

A Few of the banks like HDFC, Kodak Mahindra and Axis are offering a Virtual card which intended for online shopping. In this you have got to fill some personal details together with the card number on the bank’s home page, in turn you will be given a card number together with the CVV number to get a one-time use. Then you must enter these details that are exclusive to that trade. In a digital card transaction amount needs to be given, so the digital card is going to be loaded with the mandatory credit limit. Banks charge for this digital card and payment can be done through your debit or credit card.