Scented Geraniums for Your Flower Shop

Scented geraniums can be an excellent addition to your store inventory. They are fragrant, odd, with which you can speak with your customers, and also a great conversation starter. It is going to make a word of mouth response and bring in patrons In case you have something on your shop. Geraniums remained unidentified about the 1600’s gave informed to them the English. They did not come into vogue until the 1800’s when interest was taken in the geraniums as possibilities for their own perfumes. Perfumeries watched the value of geraniums for their possible the rose-scented geranium. This plant has been distilled for the light rose scent. A charming note is that the Victorians, if the potted plants were placed inside or outside, were positioned so that if the women walked by with their long dresses, and as they walked past the scented geraniums, they would brush against the geraniums and therefore discharge the tantalizing fragrance into the air.

Scented geraniums are Easy to grow in indoors in pots in the winter. They grow throughout the summer months from the garden. If left outside during the nine, they will freeze. It is a joy to have geraniums of all sorts on the windowsill. All six, rose maintenance will bloom. The geraniums do like a light fertilizing to time. You will find a difference in the abundance of blossoms and in the color of the leaves. Be careful and do not over do with fertilizer. Keep a mix to the fertilizer. These plants’ leaves provide material for potpourri. Now, nosegays, which were popular during the Victorian age, are currently making a comeback. Geranium leaves are a wonderful addition to nosegays.


Geraniums propagate quite easily. Take cuttings of about six inches from plants that are healthy. Place the cuttings in sand that is moist. They root in sand. Moist sand is the preferred method, although you are able to root in water also. You might place a bag to add moisture, emulating a greenhouse effect. Plant the cutting in their own pot after the cuttings has roots. Clay pots are trendy, in addition to classic for geraniums. Fertilize and place in a location that is bright, but not overly hot. While searching for geranium plants rub the leaves lightly between your fingers. Make sure the plants are not leggy and spindly and that the plants are a healthy green. Scented geraniums are used for cosmetic applications aromatherapy, culinary uses, and purposes with the skin. Pests and diseases do occasionally plague geraniums. To restrain wash to scrub off pests like spider mites, flies, and bugs. Plants frequently to catch problems early on so that the pests can be repaired before infestation gets.